Cape-to-Cairo: Rethinking the African Odyssey

Three months ago, the Great African Caravan embarked on what can only be described as an epic African Odyssey. In collaboration with local organisations, an international group of artists and activists will traverse Africa to address issues in the framework of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Travelling from the wide blue expanse of Table Bay to the burning waters of the Nile, the Caravan will host performances, workshops and dialogues to explore pertinent and locally identified themes. Together with partner NGOs and artists, the project aims at fostering intercultural exchange and empowerment through the agency- and peace building capacities of art. Participating communities are invited to partake in artistic expression and reflective discussion to articulate their identities, cultures, social and natural environments, political realities and the tensions that exist in between. As such, the Great African Caravan is an exploration of the idea of a borderless world. It aims not only at the crossing of 12 national borders but will ultimately venture to question the boundaries and divisions between individuals and communities that are creating barriers to the cooperation and creativity needed to realise the SDGs. To do so, it is important to tackle the divisionary and oppressive mental boundaries of colonialism and acknowledge the colonial heritage that the geographical and symbolic itinerary of this project has inherited.

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Akram Feroze