GAC Projects

The Lost Boy:

A comic and satire based stage theater production showcasing the journey of a young boy swimming through the pool of socioeconomic-cultural discrimination the society offers in its course.

The Forum Space:

Forum theater, a form of participatory art pioneered by Brazilian artist Augusto Boal, will be used as a tool to create a safe space for engaging with issues relevant to the audience with an effort to explore possible approaches to solutions.

Behind the Mask

A photo series fighting stereotypes and celebrating human diversity beyond the exteriors.

Documentary, A filmy way

  • The story of Yllka: Journey of a young artist hailing from Kosovo, a nation just out of war and independent since 2008, as she travels across borders of various nations.

  • The Story of the Great African Caravan: Capturing moments of human interactions beyond cultural, linguistics and other barriers to weave a picture of the possibility of a War-free, non-violent world where borders are just something to pass by.

  • Unchained: A series of documentaries celebrating human solidarity through collecting and sharing stories of passion, love, and efforts of people to build a peaceful and prosperous world.

Between Panels

This project will capture the journey through Comic Journalism, a medium providing the freedom to express complex situations in simple, engaging and easy-to-understand ways.

Beyond the Wall

A wall of expression which brings people (local artists, students, community people) together to work with hands, to immerse in the beauty of color, be in touch with their vulnerable self and experience the melting of borders standing between individuals and communities while painting stories on the wall.


The personal experience of the journey as well as of the poetry workshops will be documented in the form of poetry.

Music Without Borders

This project is an inclusive and collaborative project between 3 artists from Uganda and Argentina that will use poetry, music and songs with social contents and topics related to sustainable development goals as a way to create dialogue and raise awareness.


In each country along the way, GAC will, in collaboration with its partner organisations, be designing and implementing a series of workshops focusing on using art (theatre, wall art, music, poetry, photography etc.) as a peacebuilding tool, especially for youth.