Art Caravan is a Indo-Swiss based association of artists from around the globe, who have been actively involved in the inter-exchange of art for dialogue on culture, community building, democracy, human rights, peace and border-less world.

Art Caravan aims to build a global artistic network and facilitate art events & conclaves leading to cross-cultural exchange of peace and to foster global citizenship.

The Philosophy Behind Art Caravan

Artists have always been outside of the norm, they were the forward thinkers, the ones ahead of their times, the socially critical and the ones with ideas about a better world.

In a world full of diversity, socio-political ideologies, geographical existences, religious convergence and so on and so forth, art can play the role of a unifier. The bonding, the emotions shared over music, theatre, or a simple painting is an incomparable form of connection. Furthermore, while art created around the globe gives insights into different perspectives, cultures, and ways of life, it can also blend people across cultures. It also has, due to its diverse yet connecting, holistic nature, a unique function of preserving, presenting and guiding knowledge and practices to work towards peace, justice, and equality.

The Work

And with this very belief Art Caravan is working towards a world-wide artistic engagement through its Cross Continental Art Caravans, Global Artistic Exchange Network, and International Art Summit.


Cross Continental Art Caravans

Global artists collaboratively engage with social and artistic organizations while traveling across borders of all continents over the next few years.

Global Artistic Exchange Network

A worldwide network of artists devoted to building peace using art hubs in countries the caravan passes through.

International Art Summit

International summits of artists from across the globe sharing experience, best practices, and learn from each other to build finer and stronger peace building strategies.