GAC reports


South africa


The Great African Caravan has been hosting various artistic events centered on the theme of violence and specifically  female artistic action against violence in Delft, Khayelitsha and Cape Town in collaboration with the following main organisations: Africa Unite, Rainbow Arts Organisation, Theatre4Change and its Makukhanye Art Room and Baz-Art.

Various artistic collaborations have taken place to explore and celebrate cultural diversity as different cultural and racial backgrounds have come together to focus on the following SDGs:  Goal 4, Quality Education, Goal 5, Gender Equality, and Goal 10, Reducing Inequality. 



In Zimbabwe the Great African Caravan engaged closely with its partner organisation ZUNA and organised artistic collaborations, events, and press entrances around the topic of Peace (SDG 16) and the Global Goals. 

On the International Peace Day as well as on the Global Goals Day, GAC and ZUNA organised events in schools engaging hundreds of young students with the topics of Peace, the Global Goals, and Global Citizenship. 

Throughout the week of collaboration, the school visits as well as the artistic efforts aimed to formulate messages around peace and the SDGs in artistic, tangible, and accessible ways. 


In Zambia the Great African Caravan worked closely with its partner organisation Circus Zambia and organised a week of artistic collaborations around the topic of Reducing Inequality (SDG 10). 

Thorough discussions, research and engagements around the topic were then transformed into three multimedia pieces involving artists from visual, performance, video, musical, and other artistic backgrounds. 

The showcasing of the three pieces as well as a panel discussion on the importance of art in social spaces and its role in reducing inequality were organised in a final event at Circus Zambia.



In Tanzania, we stayed for one week at Mtoto Mchoraji. The collaborations included local artists from various backgrounds as well as the children from Mtoto Mchoraji. The facilitated intergenerational workshops, were bringing together traditional, local and inter-continental influences and were centred around the topic of quality education, to not only discuss this but put it into practice. In the different workshops we were using music, performing and visual arts to share skills and knowledge on the topic of education. 

In the final performance, the outcome of the visual art workshop, the performances and the music were presented. 

Apart from the collaborations in Bagamoyo, we facilitated various workshops in Bagamoyo and Dar es Salaam.



In partnership with AFROGROOV, GAC facilitated a week of collaborations with around 25 local artists. 

Upon further discussions and engagements in smaller groups, the visual artists, musicians, poets, and performers created art pieces around the topic of identity. 

The unique opportunity to create safe, artistic spaces for expressions around identity, culture, and reconciliation made this collaboration meaningful and sustainably inspiring for everybody involved.

The wall art, dance piece, music piece, and poetry-music piece were introduced in a Preview event at Mamba Club and then showcased at a unique final event at Impact Hub Kigali. 



In Uganda we were working on the topic of Peace using visual art, performance, and music.

Over a week of collaboration resulted in a music piece, a huge wall art piece, and a dance performance piece.



In Kenya we had the privilege of being hosted at Karen Village, a art, culture heritage centre promoting and nurturing African Art. In their well equipped residency and studio space, we invited local artists to begin the collaboration around the topic of Environment. 

Within smaller groups, the visual artists, musicians, poets storytellers, filmmakers, and photographers continued discussions on the topic, explored the city accordingly, and started creating art that would transform messages about climate action into tangible and powerful art pieces. 

The final showcase in the Kenya National Theatre provided room to present these art works, talk about climate action, and bring officials, artists, and civil society together to inspire, promote, and spark awareness and action towards a better environment.